About the Task Force

Corporates are leading the way in delivering on their sustainability pledges and taking tangible steps to fully decarbonise their supply chains. A key aspect in this effort is ensuring that the electricity they procure and consume originates from clean energy sources.

Yet certifying the cleanliness of electricity is a challenge that requires not only building upon the already existing regulatory base, but also building up an industry-wide consensus on how to harness innovative technologies that can truly guarantee the matching of local clean energy production with consumption whenever possible – ideally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A critical mass of significant corporate consumers, who insist on the transparent disclosure of the exact origin of their electricity, would have far-reaching impacts on decarbonising regional energy systems.

To these ends, Eurelectric and RE-Source Platform have teamed up with a coalition of diverse partners to explore and raise awareness of 24/7 matching as well as map out potential advantages, disadvantages and barriers to  propose areas for further investigation and analysis.

The 24/7 Task Force comprises corporate buyers, energy suppliers, industry associations, tech start-ups, traders, and others. Each adds a valuable perspective to paint a more holistic picture of the key pillars for achieving their shared decarbonisation objectives.

The Task Force is accessible and free-of-charge to Eurelectric and RE-Source Platform members.

Members of the 24/7 Task Force